How Your Nose & Eyes Shape Your Brows 1

How Your Nose & Eyes Shape Your Brows

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Part Two: How Your Nose & Eyes Shape Your Brows?

Hey Brooklyn Beauties, welcome to my second blog in this series of three where I outline the key components to achieving your perfect brows. Eyebrow shaping has certainly been the fastest growing beauty trend over the past decade. As our most popular service at Brooklyn Beauty Bar, we’ve seen the rise in its popularity and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down. As such, a lot of detail goes into my brow analysis, and so it should – if your brows don’t sit right then neither will you.

How Your Nose & Eyes Shape Your Brows 2

In my first blog of this series, I discussed the importance of designing your eyebrows around the shape of your face. The right face shape can give you the appearance you’re looking for, and it’s your brows that help you achieve this. In this blog, I want to take you through the next component of my brow analysis, your features. In particular, your eyes and nose, and how they affect the correct placement of your eyebrows. Most of you would have seen this drawing (figure 1.1) before, but do you actually know what it means? Does it really work for everyone?

Figure 1.1 – The Traditional Brow Template.

How Your Nose & Eyes Shape Your Brows 3

As you can tell from what I spoke about in the first blog of this series, everyone is different and so is the correct placement of their brows. Unfortunately, using a template like this won’t achieve the desired effect for most people. It’s a great place to start though, and with a little understanding, you can see how this aid is a great place to start on your journey to the eyebrows of your dreams.

Your Nose

This process all starts with your nose. Set a line from the middle of the nose directly up until it meets the space between both brows. Measure the distance between this centre point and each brow. If sides are uneven, avoid removing hairs from the wider side and remove 1-2 rows of hairs from the shorter side. This will help create a more symmetrical look.

Figure 1.2 – Aligning the centre of your nose with the gap between your brows.

How Your Nose & Eyes Shape Your Brows 4

Your Eyes

Measuring your Arch…A lot of therapists measure from the outer side of the pupil only, when in actual fact the outer side of the Iris also comes into play depending on your Face and Eye Shape. See my recommendation for each face shape below. If you have large round eyes this generally requires aligning to the pupil. If you have smaller eyes align to the iris

Figure 1.3 – Aligning the curve of the brow.

How Your Nose & Eyes Shape Your Brows 5

See my previous blog on face shapes here.

And finally…….To determine where your brows finishes, draw a line from the side of your nostril past the outer edge of your eyelid. The brow should finish in line with the top of the inner end, see figure 1.1.  

I hope this sheds some light on these templates that have been floating around. In the coming weeks, I’ll be releasing the final blog in this three-part series, in which I will discuss  ‘Working With The Natural Position Of Your Brow Hairs’. We’d all like longer, wider, thicker brows, so what can you do about it? How can you work with the natural position and density of your brow hairs?  I will also expand on the types of shapes your brow artist can create for you including Natural Sporadic, Natural Defined and Defined.

How Your Nose & Eyes Shape Your Brows 6

As always, if you have any questions on brow sculpting or any other beauty related matters, please get in touch with me via email, social media, text or call. Details are on our websites Contact Page.

Brookie J xox

How Your Nose & Eyes Shape Your Brows 7

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