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7 Expert Tips From Brisbane Brows Specialists

by Brisbane Beauty Blog 2018/09/03 0 Tips & Advice

7 Expert Tips For Perfect Brows

Hey Brooklyn Beauties, we take brows pretty seriously here a Brisbane’s Best Brow Salon, and so we should because we know you all do too. We get asked a lot about our secrets to creating the perfect set of brows, so we thought we’d get our Brisbane Brow Specialist’s to put a list together for you! Here are Brooklyn’s 7 Expert Tips For Perfect Brows.            

1. Waxing Or Threading.  Brooke Jesberg, founder and Head Brow Trainer at Brooklyn Beauty Bar has a saying, “If you can’t thread brows, your no brow master”. Brooke firmly believes that a fully rounded brow artist must be able to perform either waxing or threading to ensure the client has the desired outcome. Just because waxing is the most common brow shaping technique, doesn’t mean it’s the most suitable. If you’re using AHA’s/Vitamin A based skin care, taking Roaccutane (ance medication) or have been sunburnt in the past few weeks, waxing may not be an appropriate hair removal method for you. No matter the condition of your skin, your brow artist must be able to provide you with a solution that results in amazing brows.

7 Expert Tips From Brisbane Brows Specialists 5

2. Face Shape Analysis. The perfect set of brows all starts with a face shape analysis. Do you know what shape your face is? This is really important to know because the dimensions of your face significantly dictate the appropriate size, shape and position of your brows. Here are the many different face types and what brow shaping techniques are used to suit each one…..The Right-Brows For Your Face Shape.

3. Shade & Blade Tattooing. Most people know about eyebrow tattooing these days, in fact, many of you have given it a go. But have you heard of ‘Shade and Blade‘? Well, you need it in your life and if your considering going down the eyebrow tattooing path, then this is for you. Why? Because it combines the natural look of feather strokes with a powdered effect that makes your brows look like they’re constantly filled in with brow powder. Amazing right! 7 Expert Tips From Brisbane Brows Specialists 6

4. The Alignment of Your Features. Everyone is different and so is the correct placement of their brows. The position of the eyes and nose differs from person to person, so using a template or stencil won’t achieve the desired effect for most people. But no matter the alignment of your features you can still achieve the ideal shape for you. It all comes down to understanding how to adjust the shape of your brows around the placement of your eyes and nose…How Your Nose Eyes Effect Your Brow Shape.  

5. Brow Makeup Tutorias.  First-time brow clients at Brooklyn receive a tutorial from their therapist on how to use brow cosmetics at home. Why? Because no matter how well your brows are shaped in the salon, giving them a boost with the right brow powder, angle brush and technique will help take your brows to the next level.

6. Brow Extensions. If you’re looking for POWER BROWS for a special occasion then Brow Extensions are the ticket! Like lash extensions, these babies are single synthetic hairs glued to your natural hair to increase the density and shape of your brows. Second only to eyebrow tattooing to manipulate the natural shape of your brow into the brows of your dreams, except Brow Extensions look so natural no one can tell. BrowFood Brisbane. Brow enhancement serum.7. Brow Growth Serum. For those of you that want to fill those gaps and bushy up those brows, but aren’t keen on going down the tattoo route, a growth serum may be for you. BrowFood creates the appearance of thicker, fuller, stronger brows with its revolutionary, natural eyebrow enhancer featuring Phyto-Medic Complex. BrowFood is a powerful formula clinically demonstrated to enhance the look of over-plucked, thin and uneven brows.

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