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Brisbane’s Best Brow Salon

by Brisbane Beauty Blog 2019/03/26 0 Tips & Advice

Looking for Brisbane’s Best Brow Salon?

If you’re looking for brisbane’s best brow salon, you might be finding it hard to choose the right one that meets your needs. So to help you sort through the maze of brow salons in Brisbane, we’ve asked for some advice from some of Brisbane’s Best Brow Specialists at Brooklyn Beauty Bar. They’ve put together a full proof list for everything you need to know when it comes to choosing the right brow salon.

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What to look out for?

  • Assess their work. Firstly, check out their work to see if you like their brows. Have a look on Instagram, Facebook, and their website and if you can’t see what you’re looking for, ask them to send some before and after examples through.
  • What’s their technique? Can you find detailed explanations of how they conduct their treatment? The brow artist’s at Brooklyn follow the Face-To-Brow Analysis, adapted by their owner and brow master trainer, Brooke Jesberg.
  • Threading, not just waxing. Does the Salon offer Threading? This is an important point because not all clients are suited to waxing. Clients with sensitive skin, allergic to the wax, are taking skin medication like Roacitain or are using AHA based skin care are likely to have reactions brow waxing, leading to possible lifting of the skin. A lot of ‘High-End’ brow salon that talk down threading will only do so because they don’t know how it is a difficult skill to master.
  • Tinting & Lightening. Is the salon highly skilled in lightening? Albeit, the process of tinting and lightning are very similar, they are two very distinctive treatments. Depending on your hair colour and skin tone you may actually need to lighten your hairs not darken them.
  • Brow Apprenticeship. How long does it take for the salon to allow their new staff to do brows? The process of learning brow sculpting may only take a week, but it takes a lot longer to have the skills required to handle another person’s brows. A good 8 – 12 of practicing on models should be conducted before their first client.
  • Brow Experience. Do they have different skill levels for their brow artists? A ‘Senior’ brow artist is highly experienced in shaping and tinting brows but may not have skills in like threading & lightening. A ‘Head’ brow artist is highly experienced in all brow skillsets. So if your needs are simple and you’re looking to save every dollar, then a Senior brow artist is for you. However, if your a little pick or have complicated needs then booking with a Head Brow artists is a must.
  • The Cost. A good set of brows shouldn’t be breaking the bank, but you also get what you pay for. So how much? A reasonable price for good quality brows is $35 – $45, and for brow sculpt & tint is $50 – $60.
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So there you have it, everything you need to think about when choosing the brow salon for you! We’d like to thank Brisbane’s Best Brow Specialist’s from Brooklyn Beauty Bar for helping us create this list.

If you’d like to book a fresh set of brows in with the experts at Brooklyn Beauty Bar or have any questions, contact them here.

Happy Brow Hunting. xox

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