Hi Brooklyn Beauties, your resident tan specialist Mayra here. The only thing at Brooklyn Beauty Bar we love more than a perfectly blended tan is a long-lasting tan. So I’m here to tell you how to get the most out of your spray tan and make it last!

The secret… it all comes down to Preparation and After-Care.


Exfoliate. The day before your tan, make sure you properly prepare your skin by using an oil-free exfoliating cream, or exfoliating glove with your fav shower gel. This rids the body of any unwanted dead skin cells ensuring an even, streak-free finish.

Shave. Any areas that you are having tan applied to, shaving the days after your tan can skim the surface layer of your tan off resulting in streaking. So if needed, get this out of the way ½ day before your tan.

Moisturise. Just before your tan make sure you apply a water-based barrier cream (like Sorbolene) to your dry joint areas – elbows and knees. These spots are prone to ‘Tan Grab’ and because it’s a water-based cream this will allow your tan to beautifully and safely, penetrate through for an even application.


Moisturise (Again). We strongly recommend moisturising all over once your tan has washed off after the development time. Some tans can dry your skin out a little – especially in the cooler months! Just make sure it’s an oil-free as oils can break down your tan’s pigment and prevent its longevity.

Exercise. For best results, avoid exercising and swimming for the first 24hrs. The salt in your sweat and the sea can also break down the tan!

Tan Extenders. You can top up your tan by using a Tan Booster– these are recommended on day 2, rub in just like a body lotion. Ask about these on your next visit and we can show you our Vani-T or St Tropez options.

As always form the team at Brisbane’s best beauty blog, if you have any questions about your tan or any of our amazing beauty services at Brooklyn please get in contact via text, call or email.

See you in salon soon!

Mayra xox

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