Milk Vs Gel Cleansers

Hey Brooklyn Beauties, we know it can be confusing trying to find the perfect cleanser to suit your skin. Everyone’s skin is so different and can change from season to season, therefore it’s important to ensure you are using a cleanser that is going to work with your skin not against it. We have put together some info about our favourite cleanser types here at Brooklyn Beauty Bar to help you get a better understanding of which cleanser will best suit you!

Gel Cleanser

Gel cleaners are milder foaming cleaners with a thick gel consistency. When activated with water this cleanser will gently foam up to give the skin a deeper cleanse, it effortlessly dissolves makeup and any impurities on the skin. This gel cleanser purifies your skin without it feeling stripped. At Brooklyn, we use Dr Spiller’s – Aloe Gel Cleansers, they can be used on your face and body (talk about getting your monies worth!). It is most suitable for oily and combination skin however also works well with sensitive and reactive skin. As you probably guessed, Aloe Vera is the main ingredient, this helps to soothe and smooth the skin while helping to reduce visible redness.  

Aloe Milk Cleanser

Milk Cleansers are a much softer cleanser for the skin. Again, with the main ingredient being Aloe Vera, the Aloe Milk Cleanser cleanser helps to gently soothe skin that is irritated, reactive or dehydrated. It is well suited for combination skin, sensitive skin as well as mature skin.  Milk cleansers will leave your skin feeling fresh and rehydrated.

Cucumber Milk Cleanser

The cucumber milk cleanser is a gentle creamy cleanser. With its main ingredient being garden cucumber, it works well with skin that is prone to breakouts, open pores, congestion and problematic skin. This decongesting cleanser will leave your skin feeling revitalised, soft and comfortable.

The best way to experience these cleansers is with a facial, book-in for our Glow and Go facial to have a real feel of the Dr Spiller cleansers, our therapists will personalise the products to suit your skin and will tell you all about how to use this beautiful range. For all of us at Brisbane’s best beauty blog, we hope that this has given you beauties a better understanding of which cleansers you should be using for your skin type.

See you in the salon soon!

Zoe xox

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