Aqua Luminous Foundation from Becca Cosmetics 1

Aqua Luminous Foundation from Becca Cosmetics

by Brisbane Beauty Blog 2018/06/25 0 Tried & Tested

Hey Brooklyn Beauties, this week I was asked to test out the popular Becca Cosmetics product – ‘Aqua Luminous Foundation’. Now before I give you my verdict, I need to confess a few things to you all. Firstly, it wasn’t necessary for me to take some home to test out because I’ve been using it for years – they could have just asked my opinion. Secondly, to all those people out there (both my friends and clients I see at Brooklyn Beauty Bar) when you ask ‘why does your skin look so good?’ this product is the reason why! AL is one of my favourite, go-to products that I use almost every damn day. But why is it so good…

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Fresh Skin. As you all know, we aren’t about caking on makeup here at Brooklyn Beauty Bar – ‘Less is best’ we always say. To ensure my skin is feeling fresh and clear, I need to allow it to breathe. I find that AL really helps me achieve both a great look and clear skin because I only have to use a small amount to have such a dramatic effect.

TIP – I always cleanse twice after removing my makeup with DR SPILLER – Aloe Gel Cleanser.

Ingredients. Not only is this amazing product made up of 32% water, but what makes it even more beneficial is that it’s been infused with sea algae water, this process in itself is responsible for giving it that special glow with hydration.  Also, its free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

TIP – I use BECCA COSMETICS – Shimmering Skin Perfector underneath my AL foundation to help create an ever-greater natural glow.

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Application. Another key benefit is the glass vial dropper, which ensures you to get the perfect amount of foundation. Not too little, but not too much – no mess, no fuss! Just shake, twist, push and release the dropper to soak up the product.  Drop the foundation straight onto your skin or on the back of your hand and voila – you’re good to go.

TIP – I blend my A.L foundation with a beauty blender.

Perfect for all ages. Water-based foundations apply more evenly and feel better on the skin, this foundation reduces that dry skin feeling. You can recommend this product to your friends, sister, mama and grandma! It’s enriched with luminous pearls which brighten your skin and keep it radiant. Who doesn’t love a good Glow?




So to sum things up – I LOVE IT. Its light, long-lasting and helps me achieve that ideal glow with minimal fuss! As always from the team at Brisbane’s best beauty blog, if you have any questions about your makeup or any of the amazing beauty products at Brooklyn please get in contact via text, call or email.

See you in salon soon! Maddy xox

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